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Tiffany and the Shower of Gold (After the Myth of Danae)
Tiffany and the Shower of Gold (After the Myth of Danae)
screen print over pigment print, glitter, metallic pigment, gouache

Produced at the Lower East Side Printshop. This project is supported in part with funds from Strategic Opportunity Stipends Program through NYFA and the New York State Council on the Arts, administered in Mid-Hudson by Garrison Art Center.

Building on Kenosis, Admissions is a print series where I screen print excised pages over abstracted sections of advertising and flock them with glitter. The margins of the newspaper become shimmering grid-like frames that transform luxury items into transcendent scenes suggestive of biological forms and outer space. By employing the reductive aesthetics of Minimalism, I strip advertising down to an essence of desire visually uncoupled from brand. The word “admission” suggests both the right to enter and a confession, here implying the effects of a truth financially supported by the seduction of commercialism.